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Nationalism on the Internet

Autor: FUCHS, Christian

Editorial: Routledge

Categoría: Tecnologías de la comunicación

Enlace: http://fuchs.uti.at/books/nationalism-on-the-internet/?fbclid=IwAR2YA-hhtzBUVdal5tH2LVb3oWAuUroglhdVC4F9XS2Pog_BcoO207mbSvs



In this timely book, critical theorist Christian Fuchs asks: What is nationalism and what is the role of social media in the communication of nationalist ideology?
Advancing an applied Marxist theory of nationalism, Fuchs explores nationalist discourse in the world of contemporary digital capitalism that is shaped by social media, big data, fake news, targeted advertising, bots, algorithmic politics, and a high-speed online attention economy. Through two case studies of the German and Austrian 2017 federal elections, the book goes on to develop a critical theory of nationalism that is grounded in the works of Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, and Eric J. Hobsbawm.
Advanced students and scholars of Marxism, nationalism, media, and politics won’t want to miss Fuchs’ latest in-depth study of social media and politics that uncovers the causes, structures, and consequences of nationalism in the age of social media and fake news.

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